Planning a Memorable Birthday Party for a Senior Citizen

Posted on: 16 October 2018

Do you want to host a party for a senior citizen to celebrate his or her birthday in an extravagant way? Hosting a party is actually a great way for loved ones of the celebrant to participate in creating a memory that can be treasured for many years to come. For example, you can ensure that guests of the party are able to take photographs with the celebrant that are fun and extraordinary. You should also come up with a theme that the celebrant can relate to since it is his or her special day. Use this article as a guide for hosting a birthday party that a senior citizen will remember for the rest of his or her life.

Use Vintage Props for Photographs

Setting up props around the venue is a perfect way to create the opportunity for guests to take fun photographs with the birthday celebrant. It is a good idea to incorporate vintage props that a senior citizen can relate to. For example, you can rent a prop such as a vintage stove and create a classic kitchen for photo purposes. You might also be able to rent a classic vehicle that will set the background for taking fun photos at the event. Visit a prop rental company, such as Deluxe Unique Props, to get a good idea of the types of props that are available.

Rent Plenty of Tables and Chairs

If you intend on inviting a large number of people to the party, you must keep their needs in mind. Make sure each guest can sit down if they get tired of dancing or walking around. You should also ensure that there are enough tables available for everyone to use while eating their meals. The best way to obtain a large number of tables and chairs is to rent them. The rental company might also be able to deliver everything and set up at the venue location.

Serve a Menu with a Classic Flare

If you decide to go with a classic theme for the event, try to serve a menu that complements it. Find a catering company that can prepare dishes that were served during the specific time period that you intend to base the theme on. You can also hire servers that are dressed in classic attire, such as poodle skirts if the event will have a '50s theme. You can get as creative as you desire.