3 Things You Can To Do To Make Your Jewelry Store Shine Among The Others

Posted on: 3 November 2018

Fine jewelry retail has always been a good business model. You can pick up items from manufacturers at a discount and turn a good profit if you have a good marketing and customer service plan in place. If you have made the decision to open your own jewelry store, you are entering into a business field where there can be a lot of competition. If you truly want your new jewelry store to shine above the rest, there are a few things can help. 

1. Offer the option of buying loose gemstones. 

Not every jewelry store wants the hassle of handling and selling loose gemstones, but this really can be a bonus in the eyes of customers. If you do not have precisely the setting that the customer wants for a particular stone, that customer should have the option of buying the loose diamond, ruby, or other stone from you and taking it to another jewelry for setting the stone in a different piece. Plus, some people invest in loose diamonds and gemstones as they are, so you will be able to offer a product that not every other store has. 

2. Make sure you have a good layaway plan. 

Having a good layaway plan in place is thoughtful of you as a business owner. Not every customer will have the means to walk into your store and walk out with whatever they want after paying cash for their item. In fact, some of your more high-end pieces can cost thousands of dollars. To make sure you can cater to every customer, even ones that do not have a ton of money for buying jewelry, set up a good layaway plan that allows them to pay for their purchase over time. 

3. Step up your customer service for special customers. 

Customer service is always key in the retail business, no matter what kind of business it may be that you are in. In jewelry, you should always portray excellent customer service, of course, but there are certain customers who deserve to be handled with the utmost of care and attention. For example, if a couple walks into your shop to pick out a set of wedding bands, this is a momentous occasion in their life and likely one when they will be spending a lot of money. Make sure this visit to your store is treated respectfully, and this customer is given prime attention while they shop, so they feel they are spending their money in the right place.