Three Businesses Where A HEPA 500 Air Scrubber Saves Lungs And Lives

Posted on: 20 June 2019

A human's ability to breathe is everything to survival. No air in, no life out because the oxygen absorbed into the bloodstream feeds all of the body's organs. So what happens when air quality is poor or be-riddled with particles that are toxic or dangerous? Lungs and lives suffer, but they do not have to suffer.

Utilization of a HEPA 500 air filtration and air scrubbing system removes a lot from the air in a person's environment so that they can breathe clean, healthy air properly. These machines utilize the HEPA 500 F321 filters, which are often sold in eight-packs, to do the job they do. If you work or own a business where clean air is an imperative, you know how valuable these things are. Here are at least three businesses where one of these systems saves lungs and lives. 

An Auto Paint Shop

Car painting and detailing produce a lot of particles in the air that are not good for people to breathe. Long-term effects on lungs and the quality of life are both dangerous and deadly if exposed to this work environment long enough without proper work protection and air filtration. Because the HEPA 500 systems are portable and lightweight, you can take and use them anywhere in the shop, and even use multiple machines at once.

Asthma Doctors

Doctors and specialists who treat asthma have patients who cannot breathe anything that will trigger an attack. The air in their offices has to be as clean as new-fallen snow, or even cleaner. It is highly unusual for any asthma specialist, allergist, and/or pulmonologist not to be running an air scrubber/filter in their offices because of the problems many of their patients have with breathing. 

Pottery Factory/Ceramist's Shop

Dry dust from fired clay and porcelain causes a condition known as "potter's lung." Wet silicates, which are found in wet clay, are not good for breathing, either. Pottery factories and ceramists' workshops are running filtration units all the time. It helps to clear the air of free-floating silicates and dust that have drastic long-term effects on the lungs' ability to inhale, exhale, fill with air, and release it fully. The dust and wet particulates can both create an environment in the lungs that leads to pneumonia that is difficult to treat unless the patient leaves that environment for a number of weeks to allow the body to filter these things out. Hence, the use of an air scrubber/filter, like those from Copper State Filters, significantly reduces these health issues.