Three Advantages Of Using Plastic Mailing Tubes

Posted on: 10 August 2020

You might immediately think about cardboard mailing tubes when you're shopping for a shipping solution for your business, but there are other products to consider. While cardboard tubes have a lot of advantages, it's worthwhile to also consider the merits of plastic mailing tubes. They, too, are available in several different sizes, so you should be able to find tubes that are the right size for the products that you routinely ship. Here are three advantages of using plastic mailing tubes to distribute products to your customers around the country and beyond. 

They're Resistant To Water

Many package carriers leave packages on the front porches of recipients' homes when they're not home. Doing so provides a lot of convenience; when the recipient gets home from work, he or she can simply grab the package and enter the home. Some porches offer more protection from the elements than others. This can mean that at some homes, a package may get splashed with rain for several hours until the recipient can grab it. This can be an issue with cardboard mailing tubes. Even though they may resist the moisture for a period of time, they can eventually break down — perhaps resulting in damage to your product. A plastic tube provides a waterproof barrier, thus giving you confidence that your items will remain safe.

They're Available In Different Colors

Cardboard mailing tubes are conventionally available in white and brown, but those that are made of plastic are often available in a wide range of colors — including clear. This means that you can find tubes that tie into your branding. If your company uses a red logo, for example, consider red tubes or clear tubes with red end caps. You can also choose colors based on size. For example, buy small tubes in green, medium tubes in yellow, and large tubes in blue. This can make it easy for those in your shipping department to quickly identify the size of the tube they need to mail out a product.

They're Reusable

A lot of people who receive products in plastic mailing tubes may decide to reuse their tubes. These tubes can be effective for storing all sorts of items around the home, including children's building-block toys. Someone is less likely to reuse a cardboard tube, as he or she may need to cut into it to open it. As a business owner, you might take pride in using a product that you know some of your customers will decide to reuse. Not only is this handy for them — which may help them to view your company in a positive light — but it also cuts down on household waste, making this product an environmentally-friendly choice.

To learn more about mailing tubes, contact a supplier in your area.