Working With a Consulting Service to Find a Great Site for Your Telecom Equipment

Posted on: 12 November 2020

Many things go on in the telecommunications industry that has significant effects on things like cell tower locations and costs to lease space on the towers. Working with a cell tower rental consultant when looking for a tower can help ensure that you find the right location with the stability you need for your equipment.

Cell Tower Rental

Cell towers are too expensive for many small companies to erect themselves. Still, cell tower rental consultants can often find a sight for smaller companies to rent space to provide the locations, height, and direction for broadcasting, receiving, or relaying signals.

The tower you are considering may have some things to check before you lease any space on it, and your cell tower rental consultant can help with that. The consultant will check the stability of the sight, including how long it has been in place and what the long term outlook is for the location. 

A cell site that may move in a year or two may not be a good option for your equipment. The new location might not be determined yet, and the new site could mean that your signal is no longer able to reach the tower or the repeater you need it to. 

Competing Towers and Interference

Your cell tower rental consultant can help you with a full audit of the cell tower you are considering renting space on, including a look at the zoning in the area to determine if some buildings or structures could be built in the area and affect the tower. There is little the tower operator can do if this happens except move the tower and that move is not always to a better location for your needs. 

The consultant will also look at other towers in the same general area to determine if any competing frequencies could hurt your reception. If the competing tower is too close to the tower you are leasing space on, your equipment's signal may be overpowered and cause problems with dropped signals and reception problems.

Lease Buy-Outs

The cell tower rental consultant can help with proposals to buy out the lease on the tower or land it is sitting on for tower owners. Commonly, the property owner may decide to sell the land, and the new owner may try and change the lease terms so that it costs more to keep your tower there. The consultant will help negotiate a deal between the landowner and the tower owner that will allow you to keep your lease and still provide a profit for the landowner.