Why Once Fired Brass Can Be A Great Investment For Gun Lovers

Posted on: 30 March 2021

Being a gun lover is certainly a journey and not a linear experience. You will often hear those that get into it only start with a pistol and then work their way up to a couple of handguns all the way through to some top-of-the-line hunting rifles. But being a gun lover is more than just shooting off the weapons at a local firing range, it is about enjoying the whole process and experience of being a gun owner. Part of that is experimenting with your own ammunition. That is where once fired brass can come in and change your whole perspective.

What Is Once Fired Brass?

Whenever you shoot a gun, whether it be an automatic, semi-automatic, or single fire weapon, you will notice a casing pop out once the bullet has been discharged. These casings are now completely safe and many people assume they are nothing more than trash. However, these casings can be made out of quite valuable metal that makes up the bulk of the price of your ammunition. Instead of throwing out this once fired brass, you can use it to make your own ammunition with only a few extra parts. Most people don't fire enough bullets on the regular to make this worth it, which is why you can buy once fired brass in bulk.

Saving Money

The obvious benefit to once fired brass is the ability to save quite a chunk of change. New ammunition can amount to several hundred dollars a year (or even a month, depending on how often you shoot) but once fired pass can be bought for dollars on the pound. All you need is to buy the other parts, such as the primer and the actual bullet, and you can virtually make your own ammunition for a fraction of the price. 

The Experience

However, it is not all about the money for most people who use once fired brass. A lot of the time those that get into this practice do so because they love the experience of owning a gun and maintaining it. Turning old, spent cartridges into new ammunition is a very rewarding feeling , which may feel even greater when you shoot bullets you made. Make sure to either go to a course on how to make your own ammo out of once fired brass or look it up online, as getting it wrong can be quite dangerous and you should never take a weapon for granted. 

For more information, contact a company that has once fired brass for sale.