How To Pack Business Gifts For Shipping

Posted on: 15 October 2018

At the end of the year, sending holiday gifts out to all of your business contacts is a good way to strengthen those relationships and show your gratitude for the business they have given you. You will need to ship many of these gifts, and that involves ensuring that they arrive to their recipients in good condition. After all, a damaged gift won't reflect positively on your business! Here are some packing tips for better shipping.

1. Use tubes for paper and posters.

If you are sending out paper certificates, photos, or anything else flat, consider shipping them out in a cardboard tube rather than in flat envelopes. Cardboard tubes offer a lot more protection than standard envelopes, which can get caught in machinery and torn. Make sure the tubes you choose have plastic end caps so that your recipients can remove them easily and access the paperwork inside. Choose tubes that are slightly longer than your paper items so they do not get squished when you close the tube.

2. Don't reuse old packaging.

You may be tempted to reuse old tubes or boxes to save money, but there are a few issues with this. First, it does not look professional if the tubes still have old labels or writing on them. Second, if the postal service accidentally reads the old bar code or other information on the packaging, the package could be sent to the wrong place.

3. Choose white boxes or tubes.

Plain cardboard packaging doesn't look terrible, but it does not look terribly professional, either. If you want your packed gifts to really attract attention, then you'll want to choose white cardboard boxes. You can stamp your business information on the white box more easily, too.

4. Tape the box neatly.

When taping boxes closed, do not just make sure they are secure. You must also make sure they are attractive. Use scissors to cut the tape straight across rather than ripping it, and make sure the two pieces you put across the boxes are even in length. Use clear packing tape rather than any other variety, which may look conspicuous and may not be strong enough.

If you follow the tips above, your gifts will look great, and they will also make it through the mail in one place. For more advice, reach out to the company that makes the shipping tubes or boxes you're using.