6 Essential Features For Your Business Phone System

Posted on: 17 July 2023

Do you want to install a phone system for your business, but feel overwhelmed by all the features available to you? Here are a few essential features you'll want to have before you decide on the phone system you want.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant helps guide the caller to the appropriate department or person, so that you do not have a receptionist answering the calls and doing the work. It can be as simple as a voice prompt redirecting a call to a specific department so that their call is answered by the right person, or allows them to enter the extension of a specific employee. 

Call Routing

Having rules in place for how calls are routed is another way to ensure that the call is always answered by the right person. There may be a hierarchy of how calls are answered based on if the extension is busy, or a way that calls are routed at certain times of the day based on when employees are available. 

Call Queuing

Call queuing can be essential to prevent people from having to call back and get a busy signal. Call queuing will essentially keep the customer on hold until the next available employee can pick up the phone to talk to them. It's even possible to tell the customer how many people are ahead of them to give a realistic estimate of how long they have to wait. 

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding can help ensure that someone doesn't miss a call by forwarding calls to a cell phone. It's a great way to always ensure that your employees are available for an important phone call, but not force them to be at the same desk all day long. 

Do Not Disturb

There are some times when an employee cannot be disturbed by the ringing phone, and you don't want the customer to have the phone ring endlessly. Do not disturb mode prevents the phone from ringing and routes it appropriately. For example, there may be an employee in the same department that calls are forwarded to, or the call goes directly to a voicemail inbox. 

Call Monitoring

There may be times where a manager needs to listen to a phone call for quality assurance purposes. Call monitoring allows the call to be monitored without disturbing the call. Of course, a message may need to be played before the call letting the customer know that calls may be monitored, which is based on state laws.