Propane Heaters- The Best Option For Your Pool

Posted on: 18 October 2018

A pool in the backyard can provide hours of entertainment for you and your family. With summer coming to a close, it's time to think about preparing your pool for winter. The right heater will allow you to utilize your pool throughout the cooler winter months.

Propane heaters can be great for keeping the water in your pool at a comfortable temperature. Consider replacing your heat pump with a propane heater to maximize your comfort and convenience when it comes to pool maintenance in the future.


One of the primary reasons homeowners enjoy using propane heaters for their private pools is the efficiency of these heating devices. A propane heater can quickly bring your pool to the desired temperature. Your pool will be heated evenly, ensuring maximum comfort while swimming.

Another efficient feature of propane heaters is their ability to support multiple connections. If you have a hot tub and a pool, you can use the same propane heater to maintain comfortable temperatures in each of these recreational bodies of water.


Maintaining a private pool can be costly. Homeowners who are looking to cut expenses should consider replacing an electric heater with a propane heating device. Propane heaters do not need to be running constantly to ensure comfortable swimming.

Since propane heaters can bring the water in your pool up to the desired temperature quickly, you only need to activate your heater a few hours before entering the pool. This reduces the amount of energy required to maintain the temperature within your swimming pool. Less energy used means a lower utility bill each month.


If you invest in upgrades for your swimming pool components, you want these components to last. A propane heater can be more durable than a heat pump. Proper installation and ongoing maintenance will allow your propane heater to last well beyond the time frame in which you would have to replace a traditional heat pump.

This durability can reduce maintenance costs over the life of your pool while ensuring that your swimming space remains comfortable for use at all times.

Propane heaters and private swimming pools make a great pair. A propane heater can provide you with the comfort and efficiency you desire while helping to reduce the costs of operating your private pool throughout the year. Contact your local propane supplier, like APOLLO PROPANE INC, to learn more about making the switch from a heat pump to a propane heater for your pool.