Surprising Places To Find Industrial Batteries (And Why It's So Surprising!)

Posted on: 22 October 2018

So, industrial batteries are these monster batteries the size of several battery packs slapped together in a single casing. The cartridge variety of industrial batteries are almost as large and oddly shaped. What you may find even more surprising about these unusual batteries is where you will find them, in what you will find them, and how they fit into certain business niches.


Forklifts often use the cartridge variety of industrial batteries. That is because the cartridge type is rechargeable. Pull the dead battery out, slide a newly recharged cartridge battery in, and the forklift is ready to go. Take the dead cartridge over to a charging station, slide it in, and leave it plugged in to charge for twelve hours. Repeat. If you own and operate a warehouse business, and you have rechargeable forklifts, you may want to consider this kind of battery versus leaving your forklifts plugged in for long spells and not being able to use the forklifts while you wait for them to charge. The conversion kits from larger rechargeable block batteries to cartridges is not that difficult either. 

Self-Contained Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration in industrial settings often has to rely on its own power source because it is a major drain on electricity. If you have refrigeration in your plant for any purpose, walk over to the units/cases and take a look. Look for the power source. Is it hardwired into the plant's electrical system, or does it seem to run on its own? If you do not see any wires or cables coming out of it, there is a good chance it relies on an industrial battery. Look for a side box, either inside or outside of the unit (outside for units that require extreme cold internally). It is probably locked, but that is usually where the industrial battery sits. 

Equipment/Machines That Run Independently from the Rest of the Plant

Some equipment or machines run independently from the power grid for the rest of the plant. This is necessary for the safety of everyone involved. If these machines did not have their own industrial batteries, accidents, explosions, and other unpleasant events would occur. 

Why It Is So Surprising

For the most part, people seeing for the first time where industrial batteries are installed are surprised. They are surprised because they take electricity for granted, and they see all of the above devices just running. When a blackout takes the power of the rest of the plant and these machines are still running, people are initially flabbergasted until they understand that industrial batteries power these machines.

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