Going To A Trade Show? 3 Tips To Help Your Trade Show Exhibit Get Noticed

Posted on: 25 October 2018

If you are going to a trade show and setting up your own exhibit, you need to ensure that you get noticed. This is because there will likely be many exhibits at the trade show and yours could easily get looked over. To prevent this from happening, below are three tips so you will have a crowd of people at your booth throughout the trade show.

1. Use Color

Using color is a great way to stand out in a crowd, and the same thing goes for a trade show exhibit. Instead of using colors like black and white, go for bright colors like red, blue, yellow, and more. Use colorful banners with your company's name, location, and brand. Red and yellow can help people feel excited, purple shows creativity, blue helps people feel trust, green symbolizes growth, and more. Create a color scheme to help you. For example, red, green, and blue go well together.

2. Offer Refreshments

Offering refreshments may be enough to get people to your trade show exhibit. This is especially true if the trade show is outside and the weather is warm. Bottles of water work well. These are not expensive, and most people like to drink water. Along with water, you could also offer small wrapped snacks such as granola bars, cookies, and more. If you want to take advantage of refreshments, you can find companies that will place your logo or any information that you want on things like water bottles. This will cost more but will help take your advertisement around the trade show, which increases your advertising.

3. Offer a Selfie

Just about everyone today loves to take selfies with their friends and family. You should take advantage of this by setting up a photo booth with different backdrops available. This area should be large enough for a small group just in case there are many people that want to be in the photo. If you offer a variety of unusual backdrops, you may find a line at your booth. These backdrops do not even have to have your advertisement on them. They are just a way to attract people to your booth. When they finish with their selfie, they will likely stick around and view what you are offering.

You can save money by renting a trade show exhibit. A trade show exhibit rental company can help you choose the right type for the setting you will be in.