Things to Know When Considering Propane as a Fuel Source

Posted on: 26 October 2018

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a fuel option that is rising in popularity in the United States. There are many parts of the country that cannot access natural gas lines. This means that they're left with options such as electricity that are much more expensive. However, LPG has emerged as a suitable alternative, and even some people with access to natural gas are switching to LPG.

Propane, which is a kind of LPG, can be a great choice for your home, too. However, if you're considering it, you should know as much as possible about this fuel source.

Location Is Not an Issue

One of the main issues with natural gas lines is that they're usually limited to specific locations. This is usually true in urban areas with very large populations or places near the source of the gas. However, propane doesn't have this problem. It is highly portable and can be transported to almost any location in the country. It comes in pressurized cylinders that vary in capacity depending on your needs.

More Heat

Compared to natural gas, a similar volume of propane can produce more heat. This means that you get better energy efficiency if you choose to use propane instead of natural gas. However, LPG may also cost a little bit more than natural gas depending on your location. All things considered, you may get slightly more energy for your money if you switch to propane.

It's Environmentally Friendly

Propane is considered a clean fuel. When it burns, it doesn't produce any harmful pollutants, and if it leaks, it cannot poison water or soil.

Safety Issue

One commonly cited issue with propane is that it is heavier than air. This can be a problem depending on a few factors. If there is a leak, the propane will sink to the lower levels of the building, which means it may not be detected. Due to the flammability of the gas, if you have a water heater or furnace in the basement, it can cause an explosion. However, the safety standards surrounding the manufacture of things used to handle propane are very high. Therefore, accidents are rare.


The ability to store propane makes it very convenient. If you only intend to use it with one appliance that you only use on a few occasions, you can simply store the gas until you need to use it. Its versatility also means it can be used as an everyday fuel source.

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