Why Your Company Needs The Services Of A Private Investigator

Posted on: 5 November 2018

While private investigators are often associated with law firms or cheating spouses, a private investigation company can help your business operations too. There are times when you may need an individual or business investigated through means you might not have access to. Here are some reasons for your company to use the services of a private investigator.

Perform Background Checks On Potential Employees

One of the most important reasons to hire a private investigator is to run background checks on potential employees so you don't hire someone that is not trustworthy or that has a criminal past. People are not always honest on employment applications, and you can't always base your decision on how charming a person seems in an interview. A private investigator can access databases that reveal personal data on the person you're thinking of hiring. You'll find information about past crimes, life history, employment history, and personal life.

At the very least, you'll know if the person was honest on the employment application, but hopefully, you'll also be able to weed out troublemakers before they're hired. You may want more extensive background checks on individuals with more powerful positions in your company, and this might require an investment of time and research that can only be done by a trained investigator.

Research Potential Business Partners

Before you join forces with another company, you'll want to have them researched so you don't invest money in a company run by people you can't trust. You may want the individuals investigated as well as the company's history. This helps you make wise business decisions and prevents a dishonest company from ruining your good reputation.

Investigate Company Crime

Crime can occur in your company on many levels. It might be a low-level employee stealing merchandise or it might be an executive-level employee embezzling money. In addition to catching the person and firing them, it's important to collect data so you understand the crime that occurred and provide information to the police that can be used to bring charges against them. A private investigator can research company funds to look for money trails, perform surveillance, investigate individuals, and determine who is responsible for the crime and then provide evidence in the form of photos, videos, voice recordings, bank statements, and witness reports.

A private investigator could save your company a lot of money and protect your reputation in a number of ways. They have access to restricted databases and contacts in law enforcement and other means of gaining information that you couldn't obtain yourself. Investigators are known for being resourceful in obtaining the vital details you need.

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