Reasons to Use a Private Jet for an Evacuation Flight

Posted on: 23 June 2020

When there's a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergencies that cause people in your area to flee across the state or beyond, there are several different ways that you can travel. One option that you almost certainly won't immediately consider is chartering a private jet. If you have the financial means to arrange this method of travel, it's worth exploring. While private jet travel is often synonymous with high-end business travel or vacations, the reality is that many jet charter companies also offer evacuation flights. Here are some reasons to evacuate your area using a private jet.

It's Fast

A lot of people who need to evacuate their area load their vehicles with their families, pets, and important possessions, and get on the interstate to get out of town. Unfortunately, the popularity of this method of transportation can mean that traffic is heavy — resulting in slow travel times. A big benefit of using a private jet charter company for an evacuation flight is the speed at which you can travel. You can be in the air just a short amount of time after arriving at the airport, and the speed of the jet can get you to safety very quickly.

It's Less Panicked

Evacuating your area is a stressful experience. Even if you're able to manage your stress, the stress of other people can be challenging. On the road, people may have road rage because of their stress. If you've booked a commercial flight at the last minute, the stress of your fellow travelers at the airport and on the plane can be palpable. A private jet charter won't be stressful for you and your family. You'll be able to board the jet away from the masses of people at the airport — and perhaps even visit an entirely separate airport — and the calm and professional demeanor of the flight crew will be something that can help keep you calm.

It's Safe

Stress and fear can often lead to dangerous incidents during evacuations. For example, you might need to fill up your car at the local gas station, but encounter a mob that is trying to steal gas or perhaps even rob residents of their possessions. There are all sorts of safety issues that people can experience in an evacuation scenario, but you'll avoid most of these by choosing to leave the area on a private jet. Many charter companies can even send a vehicle to your location to pick you and your family up to ride to the airport in safety.

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