What Are the Benefits of Using LTL Freight Shipping?

Posted on: 28 August 2020

If you need to ship a few products or orders by freight, then you might not have enough goods to fill a truck or trailer. It may make more sense to use a less-than-truckload (LTL) service. How does this option work and what are the benefits?

How Does LTL Shipping Work?

If you use an LTL shipping service, then you basically share a delivery with other people who also have small freight loads. This service combines multiple loads from different companies or individuals into one trailer or truck. You typically pay a fixed price for the space you take up on a vehicle. All of your items will go on one or more wrapped individual pallets. The freight company maps out a delivery route for all its orders. It then drops off each order as it goes until it reaches its final destination.

As well as basic freight services, you can sometimes add other services to the mix. So, for example, some freight companies offer faster delivery times for an additional fee. You can also usually book special options such as liftgate access and internal pickup and delivery if you need them.

Why Use LTL Freight Shipping?

Taking up part of a freight load has some cost advantages. The freight company spreads the costs across various orders so you get space-sharing prices. You pay for the size of your shipment based on its dimensions. The delivery distance also affects your costs. Basically, smaller and lighter loads that have less far to travel cost less. Load charges then rise with size and distance at reasonable rates.

If you take a regular service, then you know in advance that the delivery may take a little longer. The freight company will carry loads for different locations, so your pallet won't always travel by the most direct route. This isn't a problem if you aren't in a rush and can plan ahead; being flexible with your timings also has cost benefits. The freight company can plan the most cost-effective route for each vehicle's load which helps them keep their charges low. The fact that your shipment will go on to a pallet is also useful. You have the security of knowing that your goods are all kept together and in one place. They won't get mixed up with other deliveries.

To find out more, contact a local LTL freight shipping services company and ask how they can best handle your shipping needs.