4 Different Types Of Pallet Materials

Posted on: 21 June 2021

Pallets are used to stack and move materials and are an essential shipping material if you ship large quantities of products over significant distances. When it comes to the pallets that you use, the material matters.

Material Type #1: Wood Pallet

One of the most recognizable types of pallets is wood pallets. Wood pallets can be made of both soft and hardwood. The most common type of hardwood used to construct wood pallets is oak. The most common type of softwood used to construct pallets is pine.

The great thing about wood pallets is that they can be customizable. However, they can be contaminated by chemicals and bacteria, and they can suffer from bug infestations. They are usually pretty affordable, depending upon the size and type of wood used to construct the pallets. They are popular because they can be reused and resold.

Material Type #2: Metal Pallets

Another type of pallet material that you can get your pallet constructed out of is aluminum and steel. The good thing about metal pallets is that they are strong and stiff, and they can handle really heavy loads. They are also a lot more sanitary than wood pallets. In addition, they can be recycled when they reach the end of their life.

The big downside when it comes to metal pallets is that they are heavy. They can also rust over time. They also cost more to purchase due to the high quality of material used in the pallets.

Material Type #3: Plastic Pallets

Third, you can choose to use pallets that are made out of plastic. Plastic pallets are weather-resistant, and they don't corrode like metal pallets. Additionally, they are easy to clean, odor-resistant, and lightweight. They are also fire retardant and completely recyclable.

However, they can't handle really heavy loads, and they can't be easily repaired if they crack. Luckily, when they break down, you can recycle them.

Material Type #4: Paper Pallets

Fourth, you can get paper pallets, also known as eco pallets. This includes corrugated paper pallets, honeycomb pallets, and fiberboard pallets. These types of pallets are lightweight and easy to clean. Even though they are made of paper, they are actually really sturdy and strong. They are also easy to dispose of and easy to recycle.

The type of pallet material you use for your business depends on your pallet budget, the weight of goods you need to transport, and how sanitary you need the pallets.