When It Might Be Appropriate To Order A Custom Solenoid Valve

Posted on: 27 August 2021

The flow of fluid in a system can be controlled by solenoid valves, which are able to operate because of electricity. Sometimes, they need to be customized by a manufacturer. Here are some situations that would make a custom model ideal for your fluid-flowing operations.

Supporting a Highly Corrosive Substance

When a liquid has a highly corrosive nature, such as chemicals in a plant, you need to make sure you go with a solenoid valve that can withstand corrosion. You'll have more control over this when you work with a manufacturer to have a solenoid valve customized.

They can see just how corrosive your substance is and ensure durable materials are used in the valve's manufacturing process. They can even test out the valve's corrosion-resistant nature to make sure you're getting a solenoid valve that's going to hold up.

Require a Miniature Size

You can find a lot of sizes for solenoid valves today, but sometimes, miniature models are required because of the small size of the system that requires fluid control. In that case, you might want to have one of these valves customized by a manufacturer.

They make a smaller valve without compromising the solenoid valve's performance and structural integrity. You might have a miniature solenoid valve, but it will give you just as effective fluid control as a valve that's sized normally. Just make sure you listen to the manufacturer's suggestions for dimensions so that the valve works great when supporting a particular liquid in a system.

Want to Support an Energy-Efficient Design

Since solenoid valves run off of electricity — whether it's to close or open these valves up — you may decide that energy efficiency is a top priority. Then you can run the valve continuously without being affected by high energy costs.

A manufacturer that makes custom solenoid valves can help you create a valve that's energy efficient. They'll use designs that don't require the valve to work harder than it should. For instance, they can apply additional circuity to the valve that helps it to run smoothly without requiring as much power.

Solenoid valves are amazing solutions for controlling the flow of fluid, including oil, water, and chemicals. If you have unique requirements and intentions for this type of valve, you should work with a manufacturer that's able to offer customized solutions. Then your valve will be more capable and potentially last longer. Contact a company that makes custom solenoid valves to learn more.