Are You Managing An Estate With A High End Jewelry Collection? Get Appraisals Before Finding A Buyer

Posted on: 10 October 2022

If you are the administrator of an estate or an executor of a will, and you have a large high-end jewelry collection that you have to sell, there are some steps you want to take to make sure that you get the most out of the collection.

Knowing the true value of the pieces will be important when you are trying to set a price. Get started by finding a reputable high-end jewelry appraiser and go from there.

Get Every Piece Appraised

Make sure to have every single piece of jewelry that is left behind in the estate appraised. The value of each piece will be calculated by these factors:

  • Type of gold
  • Weight of the gold
  • Size of stones
  • Clarity and cut of stones
  • Design of the piece

Once you know what the value is for each piece, it will be easier to negotiate sales in the estate sale or give a bundle price if you can find an estate sale buyer.

Find Estate Jewelry Buyers

There are those who like to collect old jewelry, invest in jewelry, and buy what they can for resale purposes. Jewelry collectors may be looking for pieces from a specific area, or resale professionals may have a specific shortage in their store they need.

Take offers from buyers with the option to do a bundle purchase, or some of the pieces individually if they are unique and highly valuable. These buyers allow you to get rid of the jewelry quickly and give you cash in hand.

Inquire About Temporary Insurance

Talk with the insurance provider for the home policy on the estate you are overseeing to make sure that the jewelry is covered. If anything were to happen, like a house fire or theft, it's important that the pieces have the coverage necessary.

You may want to take out a temporary insurance policy on the jewelry after you have it all appraised. This way, if it's stolen or damaged, you have the insurance policy as a backup.

There are many people who spend their days trying to find jewelry collections for sale at estate sales. Don't waste your time trying to find a jeweler that will sell the pieces in their store and take a cut, and that will only pay you when a piece sells. Instead, find a buyer that wants to buy some pieces in bulk and at or around the appraised price.

Reach out to estate jewelry buyers to learn more.