Building Automation Systems: Investment Tips For Property Owners

Posted on: 7 December 2022

Property owners now have the ability to automate multiple systems in their building thanks to a BAS (building automation system). This might be relevant for HVAC and lighting solutions, for example. If you want to choose the right BAS that works optimally for the foreseeable future, take these actions.

Make Sure the System is Easy to Manage 

You may hire operators to manage a BAS after it's purchased and set up in your building. Make sure they can use this system with ease because it will safeguard everyone from growing pains caused by a difficult learning curve. Building automation systems can vary in functionality and complexity.

What you can do is pick out a couple of automation systems that you think would be optimal for your property and then get opinions from your system operators. They can go through each of the systems' features and capabilities, letting you know what system will lead to smooth implementation and management in the future.

Get Sensor Recommendations

The reason why building automation systems work so effectively is because of their sensors. They track key operational details with various systems. For instance, these sensors can let you know how efficient your HVAC system performs and how hot your lighting solutions get. Then you can take this data and make meaningful improvements if its performance ever falls out of an optimal range. 

You can find quality sensors that are reliable and easy to manage if you get recommendations from BAS experts. For example, you can talk to a contractor that installs these systems for a living and see what sensors they would recommend for your specific property. Then you can feel great about how your BAS performs after installation.

Review Upgrade Potential

No matter what type of BAS you get for your property to automate key systems, eventually upgrades will be necessary. You want to look into upgrade potential carefully so that you can get a system that continues to work effectively for your commercial property.

Find out how different automation systems can be added onto and what steps go into these add-ons. These assessments will ensure future upgrades don't require much from your system engineers ultimately.

If you plan to automate key systems in your building, you can invest in a BAS. If you focus on a system that's user-friendly, modern, and caters to your specific needs, you can appreciate this system all the more after it gets set up. To learn more about building automation systems, reach out to a local service.