2 Benefits Of Hiring A White-Glove Moving Service When You Have A Physical Disability

Posted on: 24 April 2023

If you are getting ready to move, you may be worried about how you will deal with the process if you have a physical disability. While moving things in and out is something you can have taken care of by hiring regular movers, you may fear that the exertion required for packing, unpacking, cleaning, and setting things up will be too much for your body.

If so, you should consider hiring a service that offers white-glove services to help you with your upcoming move. There are a couple of benefits of hiring a white-glove moving service to help you when you have a physical disability.

1. Movers Take Care of the Packing, Transport, and Unpacking of Your Items According to Your Wishes

One benefit of having a white-glove service help you with moving is that they take care of all aspects of the process. This includes not only the transport of your belongings to the new residence but also the packing and unpacking of your items according to your wishes and directions.

Even if you are able to move around enough to climb around and remove things from cabinets and closets to place in boxes, the effort can leave you sore and reduce your mobility for a few days. However, white-glove movers will take care of these tasks for you while you sit and tell them what you need them to do.

2. Movers Make Sure That Your New Residence Is Clean after Everything Is Moved In, Unpacked, and Sorted

Another benefit that you will find when you hire white-glove movers is that they will make sure your old and new residences are cleaned. Especially if your disability limits you in how much you can clean in one day ordinarily, taking on the task of cleaning two entire residences may feel like an impossible undertaking.

However, after the movers remove everything from the old residence, they will make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Then, after they set up your furniture and unpack your belongings in your new home, they will repeat the process and leave it clean as well.

When you need to move but do not have the ability to withstand the physical exertion involved, consider hiring a service that can help you with all aspects of the move. They can take care of the packing, moving, and unpacking of your belongings while ensuring that both your old and new residences are cleaned. For more information about how they can help you, contact a white-glove moving service provider in your area to speak with a representative.